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Supplemental reading for Batterer’s intervention Class


Refusing to be a Man                                                                                    John Stoltenberg

Men’s Work                                                                                                     Paul Kivel

Helping Teens stop violence                                                                        Paul Kivel

Keeping the Faith                                                                                          Marie Fortune   `

Why Does He do that                                                                                   Lundy Bancroft

The Battered Woman                                                                                   Lenora Walker

The Will to change. Men, Masculinity and Love                                       Bell Hooks

Pornography                                                                                                  Andrea Dworkin

Pornography: Men possessing Women                                                     Andrea Dworkin

I Can Make My World a Safer Place                                                            Paul Kivel

Taking the Field: Women, Men and Sports                                                Michael Messner

Healing From Hate                                                                                         Kimmel

Not My Father’s Son                                                                                       Alan Cummings

Susan Brown Miller

Andrea Dworkin

Katherine McKinnon

Franklin Abbott

The Hurried Child

The Battered Woman                                                                                   Leonora Walker

The Will to change: Masculinity and Love                                                 Bell Hooks

Man Up                                                                                                            Jack Urwin

From Jim Crow to Jay Z                                                                                  Miles White

The Macho Paradox                                                                                       Jackson Ketz

Invisible Man; Got the Whole World Watching                                         Mychal Denzel Smith

Why Does He Do That                                                                                  Lundy Bancroft 

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