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Batterer's Intervention Program (BIP)

The New Hope Batterer's Intervention Program (BIP) is based on the Duluth Model which states that domestic violence is a community problem. We work directly with batterers and our community partners to eliminate both the individual's violence and the community's acceptance of domestic violence.  Said violence is exhibited by physical, verbal, economic, sexual, and/or emotional abuse, such as stalking, isolating, threatening or intimidating the victim. 

Our program is designed specifically for domestic violence offenders.  The program consists of 29 weekly psycho-educational sessions, each 90 minutes in length.   Participants are expected to discuss the information presented and then demonstrate personal understanding by applying the information to his or her personal life and situation.  This discussion is to facilitate awareness into previous abusive patterns.  At all times participants are expected to focus on their own behaviors and will be held responsible for their actions. 


To enroll please call our office at 850-270-9686 to schedule an orientation. At orientation we will explain the program, answer any questions and go over the documents required for your assessment.

Fees for classes are assessed on a sliding scale based on income, payable by cash or money order only on the day of class.

Our office is located at 2031 E DELLVIEW Dr, Tallahassee, FL 32301



We offer classes as follows:

Monday at 5:45pm (Men Only)

Tuesday at 5:45pm (Men Only)

Wednesday at 5:30pm (Women Only)

Wednesday at 6:45pm (Men Only)


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