DV Risk Assessment

The Domestic Violence Risk Assessment also known as DVRA is a thorough assessment not to be confused with the BIP assessment. 


BIP assessments are required for everyone who enters a BIP program and it's purpose is to determine the following:


  1. Is the client appropriate and capable of participating in the group process of a BIP program.

  2. Is the client in need of additional services such as mental health counseling or substance abuse counseling. 


The purpose of a DVRA is:


  1. Defines the type of violence for the family being assessed.

  2. Determines if there is a pattern of power and control.

  3. Determines who is the batterer and who is the victim in the case. 

  4. Determines the level of risk for future violence for the family or individual.

  5. Determines who is at risk as a victim in the future, children, intimate partner or other family members. 


If you are not certain if you should refer your client for a Domestic Violence Risk Assessment (DVRA) please contact our office at (850) 270-9686 for more information. We are happy to help you determine your need for an assessment. 

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